Celine Aagaard

Celine Aagaard grew up in a bohemian home filled with photography and art. From an early age she was inspired by the colors, textures and shapes of nature. Celine is an influential fashion and lifestyle profile and has worked as a journalist and editor for more than two decades. Today Aagaard runs the website Envelope.no and has her own fashion label Envelope1976. She is passionate about sustainable living, and has created a series of independent images she believes will last and never run out of style.

I want the images to create their own stories in their new homes. The common theme is the element water. One element - 5 stories.

SWANS (left) 
MAR (right) En stige. Et basseng. En åpen invitasjon.  // Playa Sol, 2017//


RAKKE (left) 
BIRD (right)